The Malee Scholarship


For the first year of The Malee Scholarship, our team was overjoyed to receive an incredible pool of applicants from all over the globe — each with unique stories and journeys to type design. The Scholarship is awarded to a single recipient and also recognizes some outstanding candidates.

The Recipient

Clara Cayosa

Clara Cayosa is a designer from the Philippines and a member of And A Half, a branding and graphic design studio in Manila. She describes her identity as a blend of the country’s regional cultures: her mother is a Bisaya from Cebu City, located in the Visayas islands in the south, and her father is an Ybanag from a small coastal town, Pamplona, on the northern tip of Luzon.

Growing up in the Philippines, she learned how there is a belief that a viable profession is either in law, medicine, or engineering. However, she knew she was meant to pursue a creative career, and blazed her own path to realize her dreams. During her time at Ateneo de Manila University, she was introduced to graphic design and recognized the power it has to confront social problems. Since then, Clara has made a commitment to leverage her design skills and expertise to advocate for others.

The Malee Scholarship team was thoroughly impressed with Clara’s commitment to type design, leadership skills, and dedication to give back to her communities in design, in the Philippines, and beyond. We are honored to award the scholarship to her and are confident that she is a rising star to watch. Get to know Clara Cayosa, her design work, and her aspirations in this interview.

The Finalists

The Malee Scholarship recognizes these three women with outstanding talent and who are on the path to becoming leaders in the type design industry.

Shahd El-Sabbagh

Shahd El-Sabbagh is an Egyptian graphic designer and Arabic type designer. Born and based in Cairo, Egypt, Shahd graduated with a Bachelor’s and Pre-Master’s degree in Graphic Design from German University In Cairo (GUC) in 2020. She is a mentee of Nadine Chahine, and a co-founder of Heheh Type, a small Cairene Arabic type collective with Nour el Shamy and Manuel von Gebhardi. One of Shahd’s missions is to foster greater inclusion, access, and support to designing Arabic type. For example, she has helped translate Glyphs software into Arabic, and her own type collective also emphasizes transparency and openness as a founding value. See her work here.

Beatriz Lozano

Beatriz Lozano is a Brooklyn-based designer at Sunday Afternoon studio. Lozano is a proud daughter of immigrants, a first-generation Mexican American woman and college graduate from the University of Michigan. While at college, she was first enrolled as a Mechanical Engineering student, but fell in love with design through activism. Plus, her fascination with systems and attention to detail, and her involvement in immigrant rights activism led her into the worlds of graphic design, visual communication, and type design. Today, Beatriz is interested in exploring custom type, 3D, and motion design. She is eager to incorporate principles of motion from the beginning of the process, to design variable typefaces that are made to be animated. See her work here.

Huệ Minh Cao

Huệ Minh Cao is a designer in love with the written word, from the things they mean to the shapes they make. She received her degree in Design from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020. Her background as a mixed Vietnamese-American has encouraged her to connect with her cultural heritage and history — both for herself, and as a teaching tool. She’s currently studying Vietnamese and learning the letterforms, so others can too. Huệ Minh is excited about the opportunities to express identity and culture through letterforms. One of her in-progress typefaces is called Stroke, a Latin typeface that celebrates Vietnamese diacritics. See her work here.

Women of Typographic Excellence

The Malee Scholarship recognizes these eight women who are on the path to becoming leaders in the type design industry.